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February 11, 2011


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You've got me thinking now. One of them would definately have to be the voice of a good friend.


I love this!! I'm going to borrow your Andrew Harvey saying. It's so lovely.
Crashing waves on the beach, my daughter's giggle and my husband's car pulling up at the end of the day... warms my heart.

Tanja Renate

The sound of a heart beating is definitely on the top of my list.
I also love the sound of an acoustic guitar and piano, even if it's just random play.
The sound of the curlew in the fields by the shore of my home island with the sound of sheep and waves in the background.
And the purring of a cat.


Baba Hanuman by Krishna Das. Water running into a bubble bath. The click of rocks when I'm having an aroma stone massage. Bird song. The key in the door when my boy gets home. Jimmy having dog dreams. Rain on the roof. The toaster popping. Laughter of friends. A sigh of content xx


All such great sounds. Many of these are also special to me.

I'm going to go with the deep sleepy breathing of my smalls. x


What a beautiful entry... favorite sounds is something I'd never thought of. I'd have to agree with the sound of the rain, thunder, wind rushing through the leaves...


Thank you for bringing this up Michelle! Favorite sounds, like favorite smells, are something I keep in my mental pocket at all times (like Frederic the mouse, hoarding sights, sounds, and smells to share with his friends in the winter months). To name a few: the scratchy drag of my cats grooming themselves, the 'glug glug glug' that precede's a newly opened wine bottle's first pour. David Sylvian's voice. The slap of water under the sagging dock at our family's summerhome.


My all time favorite thing (in autumn/winter) is being inside under a warm blanket (optional: with a cup of something warm) watching wild wind rustle through the trees on a rainy day ....


God, that's beautiful.


Another lovely thought provoking post - we may be hearing but are we listening? My favourites are the chorus of birds at dawn -especially Magpies warbling.


the song of a bird, laughter, the wind in the leaves, the beautiful harmony line of a cello, a baby's coo, the whistle of a tune, and so many more. What a lovely post, but I'm not surprised. : )


The sound of your blog loading *sigh* such goodness


The sound of turn pages of a book, my grandson's laugh, my bike wheels on the bike path, birds chirping at beginning and end of day, the espresso machine steaming, running water and pen on paper. My favourite sounds are often solitary sounds but I do love the general chatter of the day too. Great blog post!


A fog horn blowing, wind through a cornfield when the stalks are drying. Sleighbells in snow. A teapot whistling.

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My favorite sound in the world is the sound of my childhood home, especially in the spring. I love the wind through the pines and firs as it compounds with the creek below. It really is a two-part symphony that is both comfort and excitment. And it IS different at home than anywhere else: we have the magic mixture of the right number of trees and water.

Kristal Smith

My Sons Voice, Glasses clinking in celebration, Bee's in the garden, soft laps of waves on a lake, Spanish guitar, Daisy; my cat purring.

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You've got me thinking now. One of them would definately have to be the voice of a good friend.

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Crashing waves on the beach, my daughter's giggle and my husband's car pulling up at the end of the day... warms my heart.

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I was surprised when I found difficult to answer, I never really had the time to consciously make a note of the sounds that make me smile.


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