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January 25, 2011


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theresa/t does wool

that is love~~~~~xxxxx


Wow, that quite took my breath away x


oh my...perfect!


the power of words.....


Beautiful, I couldn't have described that special feeling as well as you. It is THE most powerful state of being I have ever experienced and I am SO happy for you.


Are those your words? Oh my!


So so beautiful. Thankyou so much.


wow! i just sat down to my morning cuppa and opened my new copy of country style... congratulations, a beautiful article and such a treat to see your [bigger] life. Jo x

Sherman Unkefer

Wonderful words... This is a very lovely article. It moved me.


so very beautiful))


So fabulous to see you featured in Country Style - thought you and the family looked fantastic!
Just thought they should have mentioned your amazing generosity - my bunting brings me smiles and joy every day.
Take care Michelle
Ali (Sapa)


Beautiful words...what is even more beautiful is knowing that feeling. I am so blessed to know what those words feel like. Thank you for the words I could never find.

Ivy Leverone

Beautiful description of Love. Only some of us will ever know the extent of this magical feeling. "Our cup runneth over"
True love will last in your heart forever.

איפור ערב`

Amazing! I saw the face reflected in the shine of memory, every day. Thanks for sharing this beautiful one.

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