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August 04, 2010


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She is wonderful, isn't she!

Love your cuff and the photo of Kirst is gorgeous xx


Please tell me you didn't just whip that up this morning! Is there any end to your talents?
(Looks fabulous by the way.)

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont


Your cuff looks wonderful. Yes...same, same but different.

Everyone should have one I say.

Thanks for being so lovely. x

Michelle Dupont


my god woman. i ditto narrelle's comments. are you for real? how did you how did you how did you? :)


hrmmmmm now i'm thinking i might have to jump on this bandwagon, housework and homework be damned!
time to hunt through the stash...

Sweet Shoppe Kitty

Oh wow! That's a really good idea!


That is so very awesome!

theresa/t does wool

oh,my goodness...that is perfectly wonderful,M...
I do love your version!
I will have to pop over and check Kirsty's out!


Oh thats gorgeous!


Your choice of yarn and the work together look amazing. Brilliant job!

Running Thread

My broomstick has never been that creative! Beautiful work and a really lovely pic of Kirsty too.


So pretty. I'm inspired.


Thank to you, I now know about broomstick lace too, as well as Kirstie's blog. Your cuff is absolutely beautiful. I must resist the temptation to stay up all night and figure it out... I'm not sure I'll catch on as quickly as you did...


whoopee! thank you for sharing this...will be making tonight! yours is gorgeous.


I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog. It has definitley been the find of the week and I've added you to my bloglines.
Inspiring images and text.

Laura Nelson

how did you fasten it together?


Wow, beautiful photos and I LOVE your cuff! I've been sewing some fabric ones but this is far superior. I am a bit of a gumby with wool but might even try to give this is a go.

juicy couture bags

They looked so ridiculous with helmet heads walking around Wally World like Mad Max rejects. Another prime example of why there's a website called People of Walmart =D!

So tell us Mechgogo, is it customary to shop around a store with your motorcycle helmet perched on your head? Or using it as a shopping basket to carry the BBQ sauce?

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