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June 08, 2010


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Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont


It is really lovely! Nice work.


I cannot wait to give that a go myself! Off to the wool shop tomorrow...thanks so much for posting that gorgeous pattern.
My Mum has knit me the beautiful beanie you made your daughter a few months back, I love love love it and think everything you do is brilliant!

Laura Nelson

Hi Michelle, really lovely work..am thinking I would love to have it nice and long. For our Maine winters are long and cold. Could you possibly tell me...did you use british crochet terms??? A british DC is A treble for americans....how many times did you wrap the yarn around the hook? Lovely images by the way.


I love the green silky look of this yarn. I'm just here because I read about you in Artful Blogging magazine and I wanted to come and see your Blog. It's great. My compliments.
Blessings, Star


oh my goodness, Thank you for this wonderful pattern. I love it, totally love it. I have been led here through 2 other blogs, such wonderful talent to add to my faves. Another item on my 'to do'.

Robyn Geering

love your style, love your work

Michelle Dupont


that is so gorgeous i don't even know what to say. !!!! (i'm rarely speechless) you make me want to dust off my knitting needles and start knitting again! :)


this looks absolutely divine! I am thinking of doing this in Madeline Tosh merino, so thanks for providing inspiration.


Oh, this is beautiful M! So now I need to ask mum for crochet lessons... :)


Thanks so much for posting the hook instructions, I made one whilst on holiday recently and it turned out beautifully!


I am loving the green and the idea too.

kathy bradford

would love the pattern of your green wrap I love easy knitting hope to hear from any one that has that pattern thank you Kathy in the Georgia mountains USA.


I am a beginner in crochet. Can you please give step by step detailed instructions. I'm sorry! But this is so beautiful I just have to ask!

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