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June 08, 2010


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I love this Michelle! Just beautiful...another trip to the yarn store for me!!


Beautiful...I always enjoy the simple but rewarding projects.


Absolutely gorgeous & how fabulous is Patons Wilderness? Love the green.


gorgeous as always!!!

Leonie Guld

It is SIMPLY STUNNING!!! Congratulations to you for jumping into your stash and having a go. I only hope my instructions were nice and clear. I am blown away with what you have done...its just DELICIOUS!!

Fruitful Fusion

As soon as I saw the photos I thought "this is a bit like Kirsty's slash vest". It's beautiful!!!


Wow - even more gorgeous than I thought it would be. *sigh*


oooh - I'm wondering if I could ever do this
I love it

theresa/t does wool

goodness,Michelle...this is absolutely beautiful!!Thank you for the link...and your crochet instructions...I have been aching to take out my hook for some time...
and this would be perfectly perfect!
love,love,love it my dear friend.......xoxo


hi! i just passed along an award to you - you'll see it in this post. i really enjoy your blog!


Lovely! And a great color.


ohh its beautiful and such a lovely colour!

Leonie Guld

Hi michelle....I hope you don't mind but I stole one of your images and linked back to your blog. If you have any problems, just yell out!




That is gorgeous! I was thinking that I had to learn to knit to make up one of Leonie's but thanks to your gorgeous pattern I don't have to. Now I just have to make an excuse to go to town and visit the wool shop. Thank you.


And thank you Michelle for the crochet lowdown. Has been plopped firmly on top of the to-do list!


Now THIS is speaking to me. Loudly!! I've been eying off Leonie's wrap, but never seriously entertained the idea of knitting it because I already have too many projects on the sticks and I knit. So. Slowly. What a very excellent solution this is!!


Thank you for sharing. I have now officially given up on the February Lady Sweater I have been knitting forever and will be using the yarn for this. Just gorgeou!


Oh yay! I was planning on figuring out a crocheted version of Leonie's and not only have you already done it, you've provided a pattern! Thanks so much, looking forward to making mine.


wow!!!! beautiful!!


Wow, this is the nicest wearable crochet I have ever seen. You are very clever. I think I may have a go at making one. Thankyou so much.


Thank you for the post. :)

Running Thread

Inspirational! Thank you. I think, as a beginner, I'll give it a go and there's a long weekend coming up too! Yipeeeeeee


Im off to get some wool! thanks for translating it to the hook! Awesome.


This is fantastic - thanks for the instructions. I have just taught myself to crochet - I mght give this a go:)

Louise (Scarf It Up!)

It's such a simple and GORGEOUS design! I recently bought something similar (and very expensive) that I wanted to try to recreate, but I WILL try your design! Lovely!


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