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June 05, 2010


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congratulations, nice to see some action from you, and oook forward to further a installment

Michelle Dupont

Secret Admirer

Wow how wonderful to have a piece of such beautiful glossy goodness. Am off to see if I can get a copy.

theresa/ t does wool

and what a beautiful article it is...
congratulations my friend...
so well derserved...xoxo


What wonderful recognition for one of the most beautiful blogs. Congratulations!


Congratulations! How amazing to see yourself in print!
Your writing and photos are beautiful :)


Congrats, your blog is beautiful...I almost picked that mag up the other day. Now I will for sure :)


Congratulations! With your creative talent, it's no surprise you've been published. Yay!!

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont


Two & six is an art full blog. Lovely & good on you. x


Congratulations!! I thought I had recognized some of the images when I was reading it, and was so delighted to see that it was you! So well deserved!! :)


Congratulations! I'm surprised it took them so long to ask you. I have enjoyed your blog (and Flickr) for awhile now. Well deserved.


I found your blog through the magazine and I fell in love with your knitting and photography instantly! Truly beautiful work!

A. Jarrett


I was thrilled to see you in Artful Blogging - loved your article!


Wonderful to see your posts again. :) I bought Artful Blogger because you were in it. You are inspiring!

The Blackwood Cottage

Magazine article was superb! I'm glad I found you and I'm going to follow. Your knitting is beautiful!!
From one Machelle to another Michelle,
Have a great day!

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont


Love your blog and I found you through the wonderful publication Artful Blogging!! Terrific blog you have here!! Congratulations on being published!!


Am so so SO so thrilled for you... have followed & admired you're stories & beautiful imagery with such delight for eons :) Well done on being published, totally deserved! ... but most of all *thankyou* for being so inspiring. Love what you do :)


duh! only just read this now!!
congratulations! how utterly exciting.


So well deserved! Your blog is always stunning!


am at your blog thanks to your appearance in artful blogging...
your article was lovely
as is your 'simply beautiful' blog
congratulations on being published!

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