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June 06, 2010


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Mine is only beginning, here in London. It's odd to think that so many people's has already ended, but I do hope my Sunday is as wonderful as yours.


breakfast with my husband
sport with the kids
a bit of sewing
the smell of chicken soup filling the house
& snug by the fire

we had a good sunday too!


ours is just starting over here in the USA :0) but we plan to spend it eating panckaes,picking my dear hubby up from the hospital (been gone four days,feels like forever!!!) and then heading out for celebratory ice cream!
beautiful color wool there,reminds me of pistachio ice cream.There i go again with the ice cream.........


our sunday was bliss - lunch all together, children playing in the park while I crochet, conversation with another mum who will start crochet again after being inspired by what I was making. so glad to see you back writing here again.


A movie.....some crochet.

I am interested to see what you are going to crochet!! :)

theresa/t does wool

now that was a perfect Sunday~M...
a little rain...
a little party...
a few photos and some knitting..
mixed with a bunch of love=my Sunday.


Soooooo happy to see you back!! Warms the cockles of my heart to see your beautiful images.... xx


Treating myself to some flowers and a little baking.:) Your Sunday sounds devine.

Michelle Dupont

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