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March 13, 2010


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theresa/t does wool

I wish for warmth and green...nothing more or less...and for you...to smile,my friend~~xx

Michelle Dupont


I wish for a long autumn too - she's my favourite. Thinking of you often and so glad to find you in this space. x


Welcome back...your words, photos and you have been missed.

My (Spring) wishes are for a sleeping baby at night and a good night's sleep.

Quiet moments to pause, think, breathe, feel, create.

And, wishing for much peace to be brought to your world.


Glad to see you back Michelle and very sorry to hear of the difficult times you have been going through x


this is beautiful...hugs to you and fingers crossed for a long autumn! that last photo is FAB!!

Jeannette Mariae

Oh, dear friend. Our lifes are so delicate. Send my love and best wishes.

Jeannette Mariae ;-)


may the season bring beautiful sunshine whilst wrapped in warmth against the impending chill.


Glad you are back, and with such a great project.

Many of my wishes are the same as yours.... life can be such a tumultuous whirlwind it makes it so hard to push through and find the morsels of goodness.

I suppose my wish would be to find a way to discover more morsels right now....


It's amazing to think that you are heading into a colder season as we are finishing ours and heading into warmer temps in California, USA. I recently found your blog and I absolutely love it. You are a talented photographer and I love looking at all of your beautiful photos. In fact, I just gave you an award because I love your blog so much. You can visit my blog to receive the award. Thanks for the photography inspiration. I'm hoping to take such gorgeous photos someday. :-)


Hello and welcome back xoxo
My wishes for the new season involve me following my heart & making smart choices that benefit my family & me.
My wish for you is that you find peace & happiness & love around every corner. It is good to see you here again!

two little buttons

welcome back
its so nice to read your words again and see your creativity.
i hope your autumn passes with sunshine and good times.
real life is hard. i hope you find strength for you and yours


gorgeous! i love this. too bad it is getting warm here.


I am sorry you have had such hard times. Life stands still, yet everything around moves past so fast, when it hits us with such things. Your knitting is beautiful. xx


Hope your wishes come true, sending you my love from Germany


Wow. No wonder you haven't dropped in for a while. That's a tough start to the year you've had. The start of our year was also tinged with loss. It seemed that it was everywhere for a while. My wish for the year is for an addict to find the strength to overcome the addiction, and for everyone to feel happy, healthy and loved.


I have to say, I first spotted your work on ravelry and it led me to here. First of all, I am simply blown away at the beauty of your pictures. Second of all, you have the most beautiful children.. I think you are showing me two things. One is.. I need to take more pictures of my children. Two.. I now see the smallest things that may have been overlooked, for example, embracing all their little quirks! Thank you~ you've opened my eyes!

 Cicada Studio

Your knitting, photographs, thoughts and words are always so graceful.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I wish that we all muster the strength to deal with the hands we're dealt. Some days it doesn't feel so... Big hugs to you.


My wishes are all the same as yours. Maybe we can help each other to go on.

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we are having so fun in this tour!


I found your beautiful blog some time ago but I have never commented. Your photographs, knitting, children, and words are all so lovely and inspiring. I wish you a long, peaceful autumn with time to enjoy your loved ones. With love from Kyoto, Japan.


I also found your blog a long time ago and love the lemon and lime pattern. This 'autumn wishes' is delectable. The clarity of your photos reminds me to check your blog often.
so inspired,
Also I spent three months in tasmania many years ago and I still have the fondest memories. We biked and hike our way around the island. I believe part of me remains in the western Arthurs.. precisely lake oberon


I'm wishing for all of your wishes {for YOU}
I miss you sweet friend & think of you often.

rachel awes

i found you through artful blogging.
oh, your photos are so beautiful & peaceful.
your knit creations are lovely & i adore how you arrange them for posts.
& the faces are shining.
lovely to visit. x

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