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October 13, 2009


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I love simple patterns that result in such beauty! Thanks for the pattern.


I absolutely love this. I haven't knitted in a while and as I see these images I want to pick up my needles NOW and knit away. I might just do that. Thanks for sharing!

Just Mandy  :-)

love, love, love! I love the color, the pattern, the style, just amazing!


Thank you for this wonderful pattern!!
I'm going to my stash now to pick out some yarn.


Love this.

Beautiful compostion of your photography.


how i adore the coolness of the scarf and the colours. you brightened up my sour day M!


I love cowls, I'll have to get this one going next. I also know quite a few people looking for simple patterns like this, I'll be linking.


This looks beautiful...soft & comfy & just perfect.

Glad you had a bit of fun with your gorgeous model.

theresa/ t does wool

Michelle...this is perfectly lovely...
and the color...so soft..so spring...so fresh...
thank you for sharing....beautiful you.


Sooooo cute!!! =^___^=


This is gorgeous. I love seed stitch, especially when someone else does it. Enjoy.


Gorgeous! Both the scarf and your daughter!!


yes gorgeous softness and your grey, and nice to see that you are still living on this earth (I mean loooong time, no see, no hear)- I love the specific placement of the photos which give your model (gorgeous, I have to use the word again)a delightful hat, perhaps some thought for the future


It`s so simple and just lovely !
I like your blog :)

 Cicada Studio

You are blessed with such extraordinary gifts as well as beautiful children. Madison's eyes are an exact match to the cool gray wool, which I suspect may be why you were drawn to it in the first place.


Hello Michelle,
I just found your blog through Rachel at One Pretty Thing... and I've spent the past 1/2 hour going back through your posts (when I definitely should be doing other things). Your blog is beautiful, as are your projects. And you have gorgeous children. I've added you to my 'favourites' list on my blogroll.

Take care,


Michelle this is beautiful!!! I love it. Makes me wish I could knit this.
So beautiful. I love how you photograph your work...the light is perfect. xo


Thanks so much for sharing your pattern and your blog! Im going to make it for my sister for xmas, found you through One Pretty Thing. Your children are simply stunning and so is your work. I'II be back to visit. Thanks again.

Jeannette Mariae

I absolutely love your blog. Jeannette Mariae, DK ;-)


ah a hit of cotton ...and grey..bliss

Jennifer White

I also just found you through rachel... this scarf/cowl is to die for....do you make these to sell as well? If so, let me know since I would absolutely love one...


Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern.


Wow. I visit your blog the first time and must say: I'm deeply impressed. It's such a wonderful place here... I love your knits and the way your photos are. Simply great. greets from a german knitter ;)


This is beautiful - gorgeous pictures too.
Thank you for sharing the pattern :)


beautiful photography and such a beutiful pattern!
thank you! I just discovered as well that these sling-shawls are perfect for wrapping around the neck...
I am impressed about your creativity while caring for 6 kids!

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