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July 12, 2009


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This is cuteness personified.

evie s.

Very cute, and I love the color!


Thank you so much for sharing the pattern, its gorgeous!


i must try:)

theresa/t does wool

delicious pea green...talented you...thank you,M...must make this as well...love you..xo


matches those dreamy eyes~elk


I'm going to give this one a go! How cute is the model! ((SQUEEZE))


Say what:?
Is this knit-speak?
Oh I simply must learn one day.
That pea-soup beanie is delicious! I think I need to learn to knit.xo


Aww, this is DARLING! I would love to link to this if you didn't mind!


Your adorable hat has just inspired me to learn how to purl (finally), slip stitches and do the cool provisional cast on thing. I love how the edge is coming out! Hopefully, I'll get through the hat soon and successfully learn to kitchener stitch. (This might not be a great second project for me since all I've made is a knitted scarf, but it's so cute, I'm going to make several leaps at once! It's going surprisingly well.)


hey i love this it is so so cute!
the only thing is i dont understand this part:

Remove provisional stitches and place live sitches on needle. Knit into the little half stitch at the end of the non i-cord edge to make up equal number of stiches on each needle.

could you please please explain i would love to knit this :)


Soooooo lovely!!!

Angelika Kordik


Thank you for the great instruction.
I just did it. The cap looks great and I think our son (11 months) likes it, because he did not turn it off instantly.

Greets from far away, but namely near, Austria,



Thanks for sharing this pattern, I made one for my 3 year old out of icelandic wool and he loves it.
Greetings from Reykjavík Iceland,

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soooo cute!!!!


gosh i love this pattern! thanks for the generous share! xo m.

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