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July 30, 2009


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theresa/t does wool

oh...i wish ....love,fun,enjoy,indulge,relax,talk all night...xoxo


Beautiful image - I feel like a part of it. Have fun on your trip - sounds like heaven. x


I am living vicariously thru you...have fun!

Donna Good

oh how fun!


ooooh so exciting and i too will be doing the very same thing this time next month with my best girlfriend. just because. and yes i too NEED sleep. just 2 days to wake when my body is ready. so this excites me that you to are giving this gift to yourself. XO! have super wonderful lovely fun.


I hope Sydney turns on some magical sunshine for you - enjoy your time for you :)


Lovely photo and post, i wish you fun together. i wish i do the same now, but i have to wait until September ;)


Have a lovely trip where ever that is you are going))


oh how I wish I could come along....
Have a fantastic time away~you deserve it!!! xo


Have a fabulous time!


have a good time!! see you soon!!


I said hello and wished them both well on their SAFARI AROUND SURREY... travel well, have fun and come back safe

Account Deleted

enjoy your safari Michelle!


Great idea! Have a wonderful time.


oooh - I hope it is all you hoped for!!

Jack's head is so cosy and warm :-)


enjoy and savor the moments


Whoa, that is cool. So happy you are doing this.
Come home with amazing photos, while you are at it. xoxo Enjoy!!!!


Hi Michelle, I finally featured some of your work in my blog! I am a fan of your work!

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Ohh, how i just love coffee breaks.

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