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July 14, 2009


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It is so pretty and flattering on her. Certainly, it's a priceless gift you could give her!
enjoy the your fall, or is it going towards winter now?.


That yarn looks yummy, the hat is gorgeous (i said "omg omg omg omg omg that is perfect" when I said it. lol) and the hat is PERFECT for your daughter.


How do you find all this time for knitting?! There is no way I can start anything 'til after my children are tucked up in bed - I envy your time management as well as your quick knitting ability!
Beautiful hat, beautiful colour, beautiful girl


what a very special gift of love, to be cherished~she looks so beautiful in it! and yes, I envy your time management skills too!! xo

theresa/t does wool

M...beautiful beret...but more beautiful how Eden sat snuggled with you...and that you surprised her when she arrived home...YOU are a perfect MUM!!xoxo


Great color!!!

 Cicada Studio

Simply stunning- like most things you share. Glad to have re-found your blog.


so pretty--the girly and the hat. so sweet that she wanted it and that you did it so quickly.

Little Red

I just discovered your blog, and your photographs are amazing! And what a lovely hat (and daughter!). Her choice of the brilliant red is excellent. :)


I too have just discovered your blog and have had a great visit. The hat on your girl is just lovely.

Lisa King

She is so pretty and the hat is really cute. You are very talented Michelle.


Beautiful. That one is definitely going on my to-do list.


oh that is the best hat evah!

Rachel Haynes

It's beautiful.. and she is one lucky girl.


What a lovely hat. So cool.


One of your silent blog follower..this post reminds me of the time when my aunt used to knit hats for me..I was about 5 then..but that talent of her was then neglected and I think by now..forgotten at all. I remember having a yellow knitted hat..it suits our dark hair here. Your talent will be much remembered by your loved ones!


What a beautiful hat...such a timeless pattern. I love how it fits on her and the color is perfect.


Very pretty hat, I wouldn't mind one of them!


Lovely hat - I love your photography too - everything always looks so crisp!

Dick & Dora

You're amazing!


ooo, that hat is awesome!


You photo so professional! I love how you describe every pictures of your. You are so talented in many ways. All the best!

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