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July 17, 2009


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Love the photo and adore the look of the fabric for Ziggy's quilt - such lovely little boy colours. Can't wait for the photos of the finished object!

theresa/t does wool

good to have many spaces...but I understand the need for a singular,one of your own...beautiful projects in the making,M...xoxo


I am lucky enough to have a designated space (tip) but I'm rarely there. Usually on the floor in the family room.

Your projects on the go look wonderful.


I homeschool my 4 children and we use the loft upstairs- we share the space, I have bookshelves to divide the space. It's nice to have your own corner of the house.
On another note I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to knit my girl a slouch hat, she loved it so much when she your daughters that she asked me to knit her one in purple.


Your blog is sweet serenity! Love to you. Anna


i also create in many areas depending on many things...your project look lovely and i think you are so creative


I have a little place next to a chair for my knitting like you! I think if I had space to leave things out I would have far too much on the go at once.

pip :: meetmeatmikes

Hello! Hope you and your family are a-okay! x

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