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July 15, 2009


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theresa/t does wool

you have deserved it all...wonderful,wonderful my friend!! xoxo


Lovely, lovely Michelle. Your space is one of my very favourites...intimate & beautiful.

Thank you!


an eyecatching smorgasbord of visual delights- you are on a roll, Michelle


I am not surprised that people are in love with your site: it is adorable. I'd like to learn knitting everytime I visit this blog. The buntings are lovely too and they don't seam hard to make? I love them both. What I am in love with for the moment? The big smile of my 6-months-old boy with 2 little teeth showing :-)


I'm in love with open fires, roasted chestnuts and toasted marshmallows right now! Just perfect in this weather.

I'm also rather in love with that atlas bunting :)


Your blog is just so calming - such a beautiful thing to look at. I have snooped here before. As a former Tasmanian, I love visiting blogs from the island - a cure for some homesickness perhaps.

I love the fact that I have learned to knit this winter. After thinking that I had missed that gene, I stuck at it. Now I can cast on and off and do the basic bits in between. And I made my 3 year old a scarf. She told me it was lovely and kissed my cheek. That's what I love.


Hello Michelle - the bunting is beautiful!!
My mum made some for my girls from my old shorts - - must dig it out!!

What do I love??...
Amazing generosity from a friend I have never met who must be time poor and yet still offer to knit for me!!!...
Dark chocolate magnums...
The sound of Jack's laughter when his sister plays peekaboo with him...
My mum coming round to play and folding all our washing...

The curls on the back of his head...


Your bunting is lovely. It is hard for me to pinpoint what I love at the moment. I think it might have to be the delicious thought of maybe skipping work tommorrow and spending the day alone at home sewing.

If I had to choose a bunting preference I think my boys would enjoy the Atlas one - great idea btw. You are so clever.




Is it wrong to say that right now my favourite thing is my self? I know you have a head start on me and far more, but my eldest is now 5 1/2 and I've just started to steal back a little time for me. Instead of apologising about needing justing a little me time, after reaching a low ebb I realised, how can I be good for you if i'm not good to me. So, I joined a gym and feel good, healthy and can you believe excited about going!! I started a wheel pottery tonight, such a laugh, something I've wanted to do for year. I'm treating myself to bought rather than libary books and generally refusing to feel guilty about the little me time I steal. So, for me, aside from your posts, I am loving me!


I wish I knew how to knit because I love the pea green hat! I am currently in love with routing labyrinths out of a down Catawba tree in our back yard. I am making one to possibly donate to the local hospital. I love reading maps--dreaming of future adventures and reminiscing over past ones. Happy creating! (Have you tried making buntings out of old yard sale photographs?)


Oh how fun this is...love the flags.


I found your site through Soule Mama and will be visiting it more often! :)

I would love to have the Atlas paper bunting! I am currently in love with catching lighting bugs barefoot with my baby girls! :)


congrats!! that's so awesome.

Julie Nelson Rhodes

What do I love? This week it has been my little six year old boy sidling up to me on the sofa and asking ..."mummy, please can we knit some more" He's so keen to learn to knit it makes my heart burst with love and pride.

And I love both the buntings so would be thrilled with either! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!


Congrats on all of the recognition. Much deserved!

I am in love with...
the sweet little 4 mo. old girl that's smiling at me everyday.

having that great baby energy in the house again.

waking up early before everyone else is up and finding inspiration from reading my favorite blogs...your included!

that beautiful novel bunting!


Love, Love your site. The photographs are Amazing.

Currently I love::

My 21 month old climbing up into my lap to read a "Boote mommy, boote."

My ten year old smiling at me from across the room--just because.

My five year old riding "sooooo fast" on his bike. Then jumping off and running into my arms.

My husband who creates delectable grilled dinners in the summer. Yum.

My new adventure into this blogging world and finding inspiration where ever I turn.

Thank you.


Yahoo to you!

It really was an incredibly cute hat. Or perhaps that was the fault of the model...

Never thought of using paper for bunting somehow. Now I know exactly what to put in my boy's room.


oh those are so delightful, and i had to bookmark this entry JUST so i would have it to come back to, whenever i can get around to making one for myself.
AND THEN i finished reading and saw that you are giving one away!

they just seem so dreamy and happy and cozy. i'd love to have a novel one.
such a sweet idea. :)


I'm in love with delightful blogs like this one that always connect with me. Beautiful inspiring ideas and photos, precious words.
Congratulations on all of your positive press too, well deserved!!
I'll never win in a million years but-
Be still my beating heart :)


Bunting... That's so funny I'm reading this post today, because I found the fabric bunting I made to decorate for my daughters' BDays, while digging through my clothes this afternoon - can you tell i have problems in the "organizing and putting things in their places" department? :D
Love both of your buntings, by the way))


I love vintage sheet music. The yellower the better. And the maps students draw and leave lying around my geography department.

And I love the atlas bunting! (and really most things on your blog).



I love the atlas bunting and everything you knit!

I'm currently in love with YELLOW. All things yellow make my heart *swoon* with thoughts of summer.



I am [currently in love] with...

soy hot chocolate on a delightful winters day
handwriting letters to my gorgeous friends to tell them how much i love them
sneaking a peek at your gorgeous things during a long and sleepy day at school (and escaping to a much-loved world of creativity).

You really do have THE most lovely site.
And just because i love letters and words at the moment - i am also [currently in love] with your gorgeous novel bunting.

have a lovely weekend, x


Morning lovely lady. Fab giveaway. I love to check in on your blog and beautiful pics. Well done on all those great mentions - also gave me some great links to check out!

I'm currently loving that strange and wonderful wriggling inside feeling from our 34 week baby in utero when I read our 2 year old a book. Must be the sound of our voices!

Love both buntings. Especially the atlas one for the 'kids' room.

Enjoy your Wintery Sunday, Bree x


I am currently in love with the sound of my husband singing (ever so slightly but beautifully off key) our baby girl to sleep while I read to our "big boy." And knowing that I have a partner that is truly a partner. Both buntings are beautiful, but, as we are both geographers, the atlas bunting would feel right at home here. :-)

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