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July 21, 2009


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theresa/t does wool

perfectly clear tutorial...and congrats to the winners!!! xoxo

Account Deleted

I would rather just order one! Hang in there, doing well!


Thanks for the tutorial! This will make a great gift!


*sigh* the pictures alone are such a work of art.


good stuff- fabulous sharing- love the pages, I wish I had such an old (and beautiful) book to cut up and do "wully ho" with (I made that up, in case you were wondering)


Such a beautiful and simple project- thanks for sharing. So many beautiful posts here that I haven't commented on yet.
Have you been and gone from Melbourne? If not I recommend a visit Tessuti in the city, and Amitie Textiles or Patchwork on Central if you are able to get out to the inner east 'burbs.

tea with lucy

My first visit to your site, and what a delight!

Lovely lovely lovely.

Julie Nelson Rhodes

Just wanted to say how excited I am!!!!


These are just so awesome...love the simplicity of it.
Thank you for sharing.


Lovely! The sweater is so gorgeous in the last post too.


clear, fun and apparently, simple. Thanks


i love vintage paper and have been creating illustrations on old vintage books. I think i will give this a go too! : )


Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I'll be making some of these with my HUGE supply of very cool vintage book pages.

Retro Jordans

thank you thank you thank you, that's all i can say :)
You make me happy :-)

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This is such an awesome idea. I have a zero dollar budget for a fall festival decor this weekend...looks like we'll have some newspaper bunting :) Thanks!

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