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January 29, 2009


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theresa/t does wool

oh...a.delightful display of your pottery.and the price..unbeatable..Very earthy and warm..each piece holds such beauty. (I collect early American redware)xx


Wow- what a splendid collection! The new piece (I love the red and chocolate brown colour combination) looks like a perfect match to some of the others.



i just found your page by fluke - i collect those vases since years and i'm pretty amazed there are more people with a strange taste :-)
great collection by the way!

come over to germany - you'll find tons of them on flea markets! :-)

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My name is also Michelle, I have been collecting these from car boot sales for years...my collection looks just like yours! Somerset, England

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This looks like a wonderful place to relax. I too enjoy the process of watching the seedings grow. Your work is breath-taking. Good luck at renagade. =)I am pleased to say it is interesting that this blog has a great variety of viewpoints to better understand the situation and that is what most caught my attention and has a great variety of comments


You've got some really lovely ones there. I particularly like your 'balloon' vase at the front. I also collect these and we've probably got about 1000 pieces in the house at the moment! It's like a pottery explosion in here! Emma :)

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