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December 16, 2008


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It's nice to see you back!! Feel better soon!! I sent you a flickrmail.
You have been missed by so many! xo Kelly

 Cicada Studio

Glad to hear you are well. Take care~


Nice to have you pop back in. Sending lots of love out of your computer screen, and wrapping around your shoulders in a great big fuzzy hug. xxoxx


Girl - it's good to see you back again (though I understand your absence).
Can't wait to see some more of you about, beautiful. x


so great to see you back! I've wondered about you often, but know that black eyed dog well. Hugs to you.


Welcome back - you have been missed. x


lots of hugs great to see you back


just found you, and truly inspired by the beautiful flickr images, and your words- I agree it is nice to have you back in a world of wonder and beauty in the simple things, dwell on these lovelies and sooth yourself where you can... wearing a flower is nice, so look up and look out- beyond


Lovely to hear from you again. You're not alone in needing time out, time off, time away, every now and then. You're also not alone in taking delight at inspiring things that people are sharing.


I fight that battle too. Back and forth to the trenches I go. It is often small beautiful treasures from, or moments in, nature that still my mind and make me remember that there is beauty to be found...such as a flower in the hair.

theresa/t does wool

battles can be won. Merry Christmas!!


I'm glad you're feeling better. May you surround yourself with beautiful, inspiring things.. a simple walk in the garden is like a breath of fresh air. Stay happy, you deserve it.

rosie Haberl

So wonderful to have you back!!!! Really missed you :)

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