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October 19, 2008


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Tineke van der Eems

happy birthday Ziggy!!
this is soooo colourful!


Wonderful Bunting!!! You are so talented!!!

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Hope he feels better soon xox


lovely entry in your blog. The feel of this picture is amazing and those bunting flags are so sweet-and I'm sure will be used again & again! I have thought of making those before when I saw them in a catalog! Sorry to hear about the birthday boy being sick. Hope he is soon much better and will feel like playing with those lovely handmade gifts!


eeek.. tears. so touching. Sorry he is not feeling well. I hope he gets better real soon! Love this picture though.


eeek.. tears. so touching. Sorry he is not feeling well. I hope he gets better real soon! Love this picture though.


Wow, I loved your decription, reminds me of stephanie meyer! You have a beautiful life xxx


Happy birthday little guy...
Even with such a tough first birthday...he's reached such a big milestone...with many more great memories to follow.


Happy birthday little man. I have a little package to send to you this week, and I hope that you are feeling much better soon!!


Such a beautiful post!
I love the love you have for your family, and how you express it. Just so precious.
I'm so sorry Ziggy wasn't up for the party - poor little fella. :(
I hope he's feeling better now though. Please give him great big hugs and kisses from us. *MWAH*


Oh poor boy.
Oddly enough Emmett had a cold for his birthday too.
These two, I tell ya.....

Meaghan Cook

Is he better? Please tell me he's better. Teething is a design fault in humans.
Happiest of brithdays little man. And congrats to you mum for getting him there with love, warmth, and wisdom.


How are you all? We miss you SO much! Please write soon, when you have a moment, just to tell us how little Ziggy is now.


COming out of lurkerdom... Just to echo - we do miss you. Missing Z's sweet face and your stories. Let us know how you (and Ziggy) are...

Marius Muscalu

Happy Birthday !!! wonderful writing...

Paula O'Hara

Really hope everything is okay and your sweet little man is 100% better. Miss your wonderful photos.


This is a beautiful post! What a wonderful mother you are! Instead of writing of disappointment of a day that didn't turned out as "planned", your post speaks of love and what it really means to be a mother. What a lucky little boy!

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