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October 15, 2008


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Oh my! That owl is ADORABLE!! So is the shirt.
You are so talented and Ziggy is one lucky little boy~


Oh thank you for the link too! ;)


hey, mind if i link your blog to mine? =)


I've already told you how gorgeous this is, I know, but just had to let you know how silly I am - coz I only just realised the owl isn't part of the kimono lol. I swear I'm blonde underneath all this red. hehe


Hello! I'm so glad you made the pattern for his birthday... I hope it fit, and he liked it! Sorry I'm finding this so late....


Oh my goodness me that is just too cute. I'm going to make one for my nephew.
I just discovered your blog via kootoyoo.
Such a beautiful little space.
Lovely to meet you

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