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June 27, 2009


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What a lovely weekend you have planned...

Mine has already involved a very indulgent dinner at Marque.

Now off to do some grocery shopping...

A lovely craft day awaits tomorrow organised by Retro Mummy.

Then wine and cheese on Sunday afternoon for our Melbourne farewell.

Enjoy yours x


cleaning, washing, cooking, cleaning and more cooking, and all the kids are now on holidays (making a mess and watching TV) and my husband is at work (yes it is Sat and tomorrow is Sun)- same old same... joy (can you hear the sarcasm)

theresa/t does wool

I will be wearing my new glasses ;)...finally...and knitting ...and swimming..and sunning...and cleaning...and running...


Happy Weekend, beautiful!
It's been a bit of a lazy one here so far. Just got back from an antiques auction, where we bought a piano - can you beleive it. lol.
Tomorrow who knows. Maybe a ride on the train.
Wish I was there to share coffee with you guys. xx

Jody Pearl

thankyou for asking....
I've just spent a lovely day with Eliza conducting a Fashion Talk for a group of very nice ladies a 3hr drive from here out in the Wheatbelt.
Tomorrow a friend is coming over to drop off a couple of treasured prints she has framed and I get to see her rosey glow having just announced her first & much anticipated pregancy.
This is mine & the girls last week before packing the car & heading over to Victoria so I feel like today gave Eliza & I the opportunity to have a taste of what 3days of non-stop driving is going to be like. I'm off on Monday to get hold of some talking books and will start downloading music!
Right now I'm going to open my first beer...Cheers!


What beautiful images!

A little work, knitting, and looking for ripening berries to photograph are on my weekend's agenda!

Your weekend plans sound fabulous! Have fun!


love the flowers, and ahem, got my first glasses a couple weeks ago....


Hope you enjoyed the weekend. LOVE the second shot!


Lovely blog! How beautiful is your work and your pictures!


The weekend is already over but am glad I got in some bike ride, made some lasagna for dinner (and freezed some) and had some great family time! I hope your cafe date was wonderful!

cheers M.


We are just back from a weekend getaway "luxury camping" i.e. cabin & bathroom.......which is a necessity with our little one who spends half her day there!!! (well it does seem like it!)
Lots of hikes, card games, backgammon, leisurely reading magazines & books, a little knitting and meals on the baaaarbi as you say!! ;)
Monday now and loads of laundry & food shopping await.....
looking forward to the next weekend.........I agree with you they are seen as mini holidays for us too, especially when my hubby is off call~ xo


mini holiday and these images both make me smile this day...i too will be getting glasses this summer


What beautiful pictures ...

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